Pioneerish Kitchen

Step into the Pioneerish kitchen to learn better food preparation methods and how your food can be medicine, too.

Over time as the toolkit grows you will find resources for

  • preparing your own food
  • preserving excess food
  • fermenting foods at home
  • planning healthy meals
  • and more!

This is where a more independent lifestyle started for me. 

I used to dream about being a homesteader but thought that I couldn't be one unless I was raising animals on acres of land in the country.

But the Pioneerish life is about progress and growth, not perfection.

My husband and I talked for years about owning land where we could raise animals and grow our own food, but we were always on the move with work and school.

By the time we were ready for our “forever homestead,” 2020 happened and the real estate market went crazy.

We ended up with less than a quarter acre—nowhere near what I had imagined and planned.

At first I was discouraged. And then I realized—the homesteading mindset is about more than the animals.

It’s about the the attitude of increased sustainability, no matter where you are.

And many of the things I had already been learning and doing—like making sourdough and water kefir and yogurt and cooking our meals from scratch and supporting local farmers—those were things I could do no matter where we were.

And there was even more I could add, even in the space we had.

Independence is about the wise use of your resources. Like Jesus’ parable, if you can’t wisely use your one talent, how can you be expected to wisely use more?

So here’s to the next year (or 20) of learning to make the best use of where God has placed us!

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2 Modules

Mastering Fermentation in Five Minutes a Day

Get healthy with fermented foods!

In this guide you'll find

  • 3 easy fermented foods you can make at home starting TODAY
  • tips for fitting fermentation into your busy life
  • the best ways to eat fermented foods

Learn home fermentation to save money and improve your family's health. 

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